Artist Statement

I am a nature painter, but contrary to the tradition I am not interested in portraying nature from a distance in grand panoramas and glorious vistas. My interest is in the intimate connections we have with nature, the ones we feel when we get up close, the ones we physically take in when we walk, climb and simply breathe in nature’s bounty. This is why I paint my subjects as portraits. Nature is full of family members and characters to know. The closer we are to them, the better we care for them, the richer our lives become.

I carefully select each of my portrait subjects for their cultural, historic or scientific significance. Through close-up, hyper-realistic representation, I invite viewers to look for a long time at an individual - a single tree, a square of soil - contemplate the magnificence of its form, the beauty of its shapes, textures, colors and patterns, and psychologically crawl into the work, feeling the closeness and intimacy of a habitat, and the power of what it has given us and what we have taken away.